Summer of 2015: Desert Mornings and Desert Nights

I don’t know which is better – relaxing out on a chaise in the morning or after soaking in the hot tub at night. The mornings are magical, but I swear, I could sleep out there all night long.

It all started as a kid, road trips through the southwest, stopping for the night in a motel, swimming in the pool – glorious at night.

HiltonPoolIn the ’80s when I started taking trips to Las Vegas as an adult, I often stayed at what was then known as the Las Vegas Hilton. We were often there for trade shows and I would relax out by the pool. I’d flip up my umbrella for a cocktail and pretend I was on a cruise ship. For lunch, I’d have a hamburger at the poolside grill, race up to my room to watch my soaps, and then back down for some tanning and relaxation out by the pool. This is the pool where they filmed Elvis and Me, which I was able to watch from my room.

In the ’80s, I also traveled to Reno and Tahoe from my condo in San Bruno. In fact, the ’80s were a great time to travel. Unlike some parts of the country, I was well-employed, had generous vacation, and travel prices were low. And the types of trips I took back then were mostly for adults. Cruises were not the family vacation they are now. I traveled when kids were in school and you rarely saw kids on a ship. Even Walt Disney World, during the school year, consisted mostly of retirees.

In fact, my whole adult life was very adult-oriented. Most of my friends in the Bay Area did not have kids. And life was so hectic for those who did, well, I just couldn’t imagine that for me. Places we traveled, ate, drank, did not have kids there. I remember this one couple at a Japanese restaurant in Reno saying, “This is why we don’t have kids – so we can do things like this.”

Now life is all about kids, kids, kids. I like kids just fine. Some I really adore – especially at Disney! Some I’d like to have for my own. I’ll be the first to stick up for kids. The problem for me is that there seems to be very few adult-only places anymore. There used to be a bigger separation. But it’s like there’s this new focus on having kids and life is all about kids as if we’re back in the ’50s and ’60s in a bad housewife reality show.

And for those without kids, well, it becomes rather tedious. Like reading the cruise boards and everybody’s talking about kid activities. Or women competitors on a cooking show playing up the mom role and talking about cooking for their kids. What happened to cooking for her husband or for her family? Why is it all about mom and kids? This is an example of something good and natural becoming unbalanced.

What’s nice about living in Las Vegas is that you can do so many things without kids. When we want to see kids, we go to Disney and like I said, I adore them there – I’m tempted to borrow one just for that – lol! I used to take my niece to Disney and that was a heck of a lot of fun. But it would be nice if the internet wasn’t so focused on kids and moms, kids and moms. I think it’s more about the internet than the reality of moms and kids. After all, my life is changed now and Rich and I are the proud parents of 3 furry kids.

But with the way the internet sometimes distorts reality, well, no wonder I sometimes want to disconnect and relax out by the “pool,” as if I’m somewhere in the ’80s and ’90s. My backyard oasis is calling me now…

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