The BoatHouse

We made ressies at the BoatHouse at Disney Springs for after church late Sunday morning. We planned carefully what we’d order so that we weren’t splurging too much financially and calorically. We decided against drinks and dessert, although the Chocolate Bundt Cake we saw on the Mouse Steps video was quite tempting.

By the time we got there, we ended up ordering drinks and dessert – lol! At least we shared the dessert. I don’t usually go for dessert but Rich says a meal isn’t finished until you have dessert so he asked for two spoons. So clever of him – it was worth every calorie. Oh, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

We noticed a group sitting in the boat as soon as you enter the restaurant. We were seated in dining room #3 in the back, which was a bit quieter, although we had to ask to be reseated by the window – she was rather lame, especially since Mouse Steps raved about the service here. Our server was fine but nothing special.

We ordered a couple of Margaritas and then Rich ordered the Amberjack Tacos for him and the Shrimp Po’ Boy for me – delish!! I mostly ignored the fries that came with so I could “help” Rich with dessert – Chocolate Bundt Cake with Valrhona Fudge Sauce – oh yeah!

We noticed the Dockside Margarita Bar and the Hangar Bar – hope to catch up with them soon.

On the way out, we stopped in at the gift shop and purchased a little Rubber Ducky with Captain’s Hat and boat – so cute!

Overall, we had a great time – the perfect setting for us – and we hope to be back.


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2 thoughts on “The BoatHouse

  1. Larry says:

    No picture of the ducky? I want to try the Hangar Bar. And some of the other places like Blaze Pizza.


  2. Kathy says:

    Lol! Will post it on FB.


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