Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar

We’ve been thinking about the Hangar Bar since lunch at the BoatHouse a few weeks back. And because it was somebody’s birthday, we decided to start the day off with some Disney Springs shopping and snacking.

First, we stopped in at World of Disney to do some birthday shopping. We’d been trying to get back there on previous trips to Disney Springs, but hadn’t made it. We immediately spied two “must haves” – a Minnie Mouse shirt and a Minnie Mouse hat.

Then we headed to Guest Services to get a birthday pin. The CMs were all so wonderful, wishing lots of happy birthdays.

It was a bit too early for the Hangar Bar so we sat in the rocking chairs for a while and then made our way over to Morimoto’s to check it out for a possible future celebration and then we noticed The Ganachery. Once we inside, we were offered a sample and oh my goodness! It was amazing! We made plans to stop back after our lunch at Jock’s.

We were still too early so we decided to revisit the BoatHouse gift shop and get Mrs. Quack. We’d gotten Mr. Quack after our lunch a couple of weeks previously and we didn’t realize there was a Mrs. Quack. So, of course, we had to get her and bring her home to Mr. Quack!

We killed time taking a couple of photos. We thought briefly about taking one of the Amphicars out for a spin but maybe some other time.

By this time, the Hangar Bar was open and we took a look around. We’d heard so much about the theming inside, but it was a little claustrophobic for us, and we chose to sit outside under a fan next to the water. Great view and atmosphere so great choice!

We had such a fun CM who took our order and brought our drinks: the Scottish Professor and Pancho’s Margarita. For full descriptions of menu items, see the WDW menu listed here.

To start with, we ordered the Shrimp Marakesh and the Snakebite Sliders. Rich’s is allergic to Shrimp, so I ate that but there were so many shrimp, I took half of it home. I tasted one of Rich’s sliders, which was amazing. Rich was still hungry so we put in an order of Air Pirate’s Pretzels, which he really enjoyed. They were served in an airplane – lol!

Everything was delicious and so much fun! We’ll definitely be back.


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