Is Las Vegas Opening?

We’re noticing an increase in traffic day-by-day here in Las Vegas. Carl’s Jr. drive-up window didn’t even wear a mask or gloves the last time we pulled through, although that seems to be a one-off. At Del Taco, cash is not allowed, credit card only and they’re still wearing masks/gloves. Even Carl’s Jr. in Primm still had the mask/gloves, so not sure what the Carl’s near our house is doing.

The movers certainly didn’t provide for any social distancing behaviors, although ADT, CenturyLink, the home builders, and everybody else is still taking precautions. The liquor store opened but for delivery only. It’s hard to say what’s going on here.

There is definitely conversation about Las Vegas opening in small ways by mid-May or Memorial Day weekend, although the governor seems to disagree.

Anyway, I thought I’d put together some video I’d taken of the Las Vegas Strip sometime before Covid-19 and added some Screamie Birds Music to it. Hope you enjoy! If so, please subscribe and give it a like. Thank you!

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